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Israeli Soul Book

Zahav Home – Preorder

With Zahav Home, Mike and Steve invite you to cook the way they do at home, with 125 new recipes for simple, achievable, and utterly delicious meals. As busy dads — and cooks — these recipes reflect just enough planning, the use of the freezer, and the magic of transporting the bright flavors of Zahav to every dish. The Salad and Vegetable chapters are deliberately robust, because veggies are just what we seem to want to eat these days. Mike and Steve also show you how to strategically stock your pantry, because if ingredients are nicely within reach, it’s almost nothing, for example, to slather amba from a jar onto spatchcocked chicken for an almost-instant roast chicken dinner. There are dozens more examples––many are made in one pot––of this kind of cooking, that's made for a school night.
Zahav Book


Zahav showcases the melting-pot cooking of Israel, including Middle Eastern, North African, Mediterranean, and Eastern European influences. Solomonov's food includes little dishes called mezze, like the restaurant's insanely popular fried cauliflower; an ethereal hummus that put Zahav on the map; and a pink lentil soup with lamb meatballs that one critic called "Jerusalem in a bowl." Also included – a majestic dome of Persian wedding rice and whole roasted lamb shoulder with pomegranate that's a celebration in itself. All of Solomonov's dishes are brilliantly adapted to local and seasonal ingredients.

Israeli Soul Book

Israeli Soul

Following up on their wildly successful cookbook, Zahav, Michael Solomonov and Steven Cook embrace the informal, varied, boisterous, and simple food of a nation. Israeli Soul not only shows how the food has shaped the soul of Israel but also brings that deliciousness back home to the American kitchen. Within these pages, readers will find meals in the hand like falafel; the juicy, grilled, and roasted spice-rubbed meats called shawarma; a wealth of chopped salads; a flotilla of kebabs; crispy chicken schnitzel; flatbreads and filled breads; pastries; ice creams; fruit-and herb-infused seltzers; tehina shakes, and more.
Federal Donuts Book

Federal Donuts

With a wad of cash in hand and a dream, five partners meet a Craigslist stranger in a parking lot to buy a used "donut robot." It would do all the rest, right? Regrets, partially raw donuts, and long lines ensue, but soon they work out the kinks and develop an exquisite dough delicately spiced with Middle Eastern aromatics. Strawberry lavender, guava poppy, pomegranate Nutella, and salted tehina are just a few of the imaginative flavors featured in this book. Plus – all the tips needed for making foolproof donuts at home. There's even a bonus recipe for their other specialty: shatteringly crisp Korean-style fried chicken.