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Zahav brings the flavors of Israel's cultural crossroads to Philadelphia. While Israeli Cuisine is in a constant state of evolution, the cooking at Zahav comes from a deep well of Israeli hospitality. We offer two menu options for guests to enjoy: Al Ha'esh ("Over Fire") is a 4-course tasting menu featuring an expanded selection of charcoal-grilled skewers with Rice Pilaf, and Mesibah is a 4-course tasting menu featuring our signature Pomegranate Lamb Shoulder with Crispy Persian Rice, and two additional specialty entrées with rice, like Whole Dorade in Grape Leaves or Dry-aged Duck. Both menus begin with Laffa bread baked in the taboon, served alongside Salatim and Hummus-Tehina, and finish with award-winning desserts. Guests can enjoy a cold Lemonanna, a cocktail, or a bottle of boutique Israeli wine.

We welcome reservations, Tuesday - Saturday nights. Reservations are released 8 weeks to-the-day, at 11 am ET, in advance of the reservation date and opening one day at a time in a rolling fashion. We are closed Sundays and Mondays and reservations will not be released on those days. Reserve now by clicking here.

Reservations are for both the dining room and patio. We look forward to welcoming guests back to our patio beginning Tuesday, April 16th.

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